Flying Trumpets helps businesses grow bigger and better.

Professional services firms, technology, digital, media, information, events and fashion businesses turn to us for strategy, advice and programmes for winning, retaining and growing clients.

Our services include Performance Improvement programmes in every aspect of Events Mastery, Business Intelligence Eminence and SaaS Excellence; business audits and due diligence; mentoring and coaching; training and development; and executive search.



Identifying M&A targets
Approaching owners
Full service due diligence
Acquisition comms plans
First 90 day planning

Portfolio review, management and growth
Primary and secondary research
Advisory boards and stakeholder engagement
Programme development: theme, streams and topic build
Speaker targeting, acquisition and at event performance
High impact presentations: avoiding the PPT and panels trap

Worked with the Executive Team at SaaS business Zapnito to clarify their purpose and articulate their proposition. Marketing and Sales now speak with one voice, their GTM approach is optimised and their brand promise differentiated and compelling to clients

Market mapping, community build, 365 day engagement
Purpose, brand development and awareness
Content and collaboration marketing
Lead generation, marketing for sales, telemarketing
Audience communications, marketing and sales
Digital and social media marketing

Devised and implemented a content marketing strategy to unify and elevate multiple disparate event brands, grow the community and generate leads for the sales team

Sales segmentation, funnels and account management
Transactional, consultative and strategic sales techniques
Sales team: structure, performance, targets and reward
Pipeline set-up, management and review
Sales inventory, pricing, yield
Sales automation tools: set-up, use, super-users and integration

Worked with publisher to transform from a traditional bookstore-led model to a digital first approach

CRM, marketing automation, data warehouses, GDPR
Customer journeys, engagement and NPS
Event matchmaking, apps and intelligence gathering
Venue, staffing, AV and logistics
Social media, live streaming and gamification
Entertainment, fringe programmes and awards

Launched a full suite social media strategy, style guidelines, amplification tools and target-beating fan/followers acquisition

Advising Intelligence Businesses on how to win, retain and grow clients; structure their teams and maximise profits

Goals, budgets and forecasting
Revenue streams and margin optimisation
Key people ratios and productivity standards
Cost and vendor review
Client retention KPIs
Best practise ratios and metrics

Event reporting and management scorecard best practices
Organisational structure review and recommendations
Productivity and profitability benchmarking and advice
Corporate activity: acquisition support, due diligence, integration and IRR
Exit optimisation: structure, KPIs, and growth opportunities

Worked with leading consumer trend forecasting business to completely re-think and re-structure its sales force and approach for winning, retaining and growing customers

Advising Executive and Non-Executive boards on digital transformation, personal and corporate branding, and B2B business optimisation

Working with you to ensure that you have the right teams in place with the right skills and incentives to outperform your peers:
• Executive search
• On-boarding
• Rewards and incentives
• Training and development
• Team building
• Coaching
• Mentoring